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Christmas Gift Ideas


These gift ideas are great for Christmas time, because they are very low in cost, if any, and they definitely come from the heart.  Enjoy! ~






First Aid Kit - Make a starter first aid kit by purchasing a small plastic or metal box with 8 to 10 drawers. Label each of the drawers and place inside a few starter items such as band-aids, aspirin, etc.






I Care Package - Find a shoe box and decorate it with the words "I Care".  Fill the box with special treats, or other gift items that only you would know the person you're giving it to would love.







Refinished Furniture - Find a little piece of wooden furniture (small table or chair, box or even a trunk) from your local flea market or pick one up from a summer garage sale.  Recover it, or strip and repaint it.  This can be so much fun to do!








Gift Wrapping - When give a gift for that special person - wrap it up in an unusual box or bag.  For example: Tupperware container, small laundry basket, tea pot or kettle, shoe box you decorate, wrap a box in a box, in a box and so on.  Use your imagination - think outside of the "box"! :o)






Homemade Bread - Make a homemade loaf of bread in a baking pan with three or four glasses of jams and jellies, or any different spreadable toppings.






Tomatoes Anyone? - Give a variety of canned tomatoes (tomato juice, whole tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, and stewed tomatoes) - slip in a good pizza recipe.  Great gift for food storage.






Soup - Tie with a ribbon jars of a variety of dried vegetables or jars containing mixed dried vegetables for soups.  Include your favorite soup recipes.







Family Favorite Recipes - collect a whole bunch of your favorite recipes and print them on interesting paper, or scrapbook each recipe.  Buy a recipe box and decorate to put all of your collected recipes in it.  Make sure that each card fits in the recipe box.










Craft Kit - This was a HUGE hit when we made our children each their own craft box.  We bought a med. sized container and wrote "Child's Name, Craft Box" on the top with a sharpie marker.  It included scissors, crayons/markers, paper, stencils, tape, pompoms, glue, sparkles, buttons, tissue paper, tongue depressors, straws, craft feathers, small paint set with brushes, etc.  It was the last time we heard..."Mom, I'm bored!" for a very long time.






I Love Cookies - Make a whole bunch of your different favorite Christmas cookies and put them in a decorated bucket.  Include the receipe of each cookie in the bucket.




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