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Christmas Craft Ideas


Some people call me crazy, but I always start my Christmas crafting and gift making in August.  This way I can spend more time with the family instead of being rushed to complete a Christmas project at the last minute.  Here are a few ideas for your Christmas crafting.  Enjoy! ~



These are for your personal gift giving only!


Oh, Christmas Tree (advent calendar)

Free Craft


Oh Holy Night

(advent calendar)

Free Craft



"JOY" Ornament


I bought 2" wood letters seperately, and a bunch of silver sparkle stars.  I painted each wood letter monocromatically with a smokey blue.  I varnished each one and glued them together.  I took some bendable wire and wrapped a couple stars through it and around the top of the "O" to make a loop for hanging.  I sprinkled white pearl paint over all.



Christmas Memories Ornament


Choose any color transparent bag.  These are sold in bunches for wedding favours.  Get some sparkle stars, fake Christmas berries with greenery. Type out the words on your computer "My Christmas Memories". (this is optional).  I stuffed the bag with bits of silver fabric I had.  Before I tied the bag, I put in the words I had printed out.  Before I secured the tie, I stuffed in the sprig of berries.  I used hot glue if I had to.  I tied the bag securely. Put the stars through a small wire before I wrapped it around the ties.  You can use your imagination with this one - do anything your crafty heart desires. Different colors - different decorations!




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