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Christmas Activities


If you're anything like me, I always hear..."Mom, I'm bored!" at Christmas time.  Here are a few ideas that you can do as a family to entertain, have fun and spend some quality time together.  Enjoy! ~





Snow Family - make a snow family, decorate each snow person and take a picture. Frame the picture for future Christmas memories.







Doughy Ornaments - as a family, make dough ornaments.(find recipe on the internet) We used to do this every Christmas when I was growing up.  Dad got involved too - I guess that's were we got our red toilet hanging on our tree - at least it was painted Christmas red!!







Christmas Video - make a Christmas gift for the grandparents...video tape your family acting out the nativity story, or a Christmas Carol or any of your favorite Christmas story.  They'll love it...remember to make it so that they can watch it on Christmas day.








Christmas Cards - have the family make Christmas cards.  Make a list of all the people you want to give a card to.  Gather paper and craft items for all to use their creative juices.  Each one gets a few names, then before you know it...all your Christmas cards are done; homemade from the heart.





Lights - pack the family in the car and go see some Christmas lights. Make this into a Christmas family tradition.






Yummy Wreath - make a candy wreath for your door.  When you have friends or family that come to visit - cut off a candy for them from your wreath for them to take home.






Homemade Chocolate - get some Christmas molds and make some homemade chocolate for your neighbours.  Put it in a pretty box with a big bow.




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