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Bad Day Box


This is a wonderful idea to cheer up anyone, including yourself.




Find a shoe box or metal cookie container and decorate it.  On the lid

write "Bad Day Box"








Collect any personal things that warm your heart and/or brings a smile

to your face: photos, cartoon clips, your favorite scripture verses,

poems, pictures of art, a soft soothing music CD, your favorite movie,

your favorite candles, your favorite candy, a small childhood object,

small note pad and pen to write down your thoughts and feelings, etc.






Put them all in your Bad Day Box - and keep this box in your private

place (back of your closet, drawer, etc.) so only you can get at it

whenever you're having a "bad day".





Take out the box when you are having "one-of-those-days" and go

through your box to cheer you up.






WARNING - this box is not to put you into a guilt trip, or for anyone

else in your family to see.  It's just for YOU!  It's your "battery recharger". You shouldn't share this with anyone - it's for your eyes only.





Replenish any of your items that you need to before your next "bad day"! Use this box when necessary. ~



















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